What’s new at ACOPA


What’s new at ACOPA

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Greentech news

"The cooperation between sonarlock, MT AG and ACOPA presents its innovative product for more sustainability in water management at the trade fair 'AI-based technologies in water supply."


"Within the company, we have defined an IBP team that takes care of creating a business scenario in our IBP test environment. The creation of the scenario will facilitate the successful work with the IBP system and will be available to our employees for training...

WIKIS / White paper  

Digital Transformation

With the advent of Industry 4.0, digital business processes have now become the norm. We can help you to identify potential, create individual solutions that meet your specific business needs and support you through the change process in all areas of your business....


Smart data visualisation with Tableau – the tool of choice for your dashboards In the digital  age, businesses need to make the right decisions faster than ever before if they are to stay competitive. In the past, a lot of manual work went into drawing up tables,...