Smart data visualisation with Tableau – the tool of choice for your dashboards

In the digital  age, businesses need to make the right decisions faster than ever before if they are to stay competitive. In the past, a lot of manual work went into drawing up tables, diagrams and presentations. Today, we can choose from a whole range of smart solutions. Visualisation software like Tableau allows you  to build your own reporting dashboards so that you can quickly draw the right conclusions and make informed decisions. Once set up, Tableau is much more user-friendly and, thanks to automatic data imports from a variety of different sources, significantly more powerful than the older methods mentioned above.

There are a few things to consider if you want to extract the greatest benefit from visualisation software like Tableau. An example: Technically, it is possible to implement your requirements in Tableau very quickly. However, our years of experience have shown that the poor quality of the data often only becomes apparent once Tableau is up and running. You can only extract real added value from an application like Tableau and derive the right decisions for your business if you can be sure that your data is correct. Therefore, it is vital to make a detailed analysis of data quality and potential if you want to make better use of your data.

As a competent partner in all matters relating to digitalisation, process consulting and cybersecurity, we would be happy to help you implement a custom solution that meets your requirements. It is of paramount importance to us that you receive a solution that doesn’t just look good, but  one that makes you and your business even better. Only then will we be satisfied – this is the essence of what ACOPA stands for.

We would also be happy to advise you on other data visualisation software. Please get in touch with us for an initial non-binding consultation.