With the advent of Industry 4.0, digital business processes have now become the norm. We can help you to identify potential, create individual solutions that meet your specific business needs and support you through the change process in all areas of your business. Let us help you to develop your competitive edge today to make you ready for the market of tomorrow.

IoT stands for Internet of Things. Physical objects are connected together via the Internet and can exchange data with one another using sensors, software and other technologies. One specific use case is the digital twin. ACOPA can help you to model digital twins of products or machines that include all their components. These models of physical objects can then be used to simulate situations such as functions, usage and wear. The addition of intelligent systems for recording, allocating and tracking material and products flows means we are already moving towards digital factories.

The combination of smart sensors and our expertise in machine learning opens up the possibilities of predictive maintenance. This means that equipment repairs and maintenance, for instance in production facilities, can be carried out before a failure actually occurs. This ensures that your processes continue to run smoothly.

In this digital age, data is paramount. As the number of available solutions grows, the amount of data generated also grows exponentially. Big data is the term used to describe the huge amount of structured and unstructured data that these days is usually stored in Cloud systems. Using AI (artificial intelligence) solutions, self-learning systems and inter-process/inter-business data exchange, ACOPA helps you to make best use of your data and get more from your value chain.

Enhancing an existing business model to give it a digital dimension is a step in the right direction. A digital business model is generally defined by an underlying digital foundation that plays a fundamental role in the value creation process and in meeting the needs of customers. Are you still in the dark as to what your digital business model should look like?  We can help show you the way.