The federal funding for your digitilization project!

The Funding

by the federal ministry of economics and energy (BMWi)


Are you a small or medium-sized commercial or craft enterprise and would like to tackle the digitization of your business processes? Do you already have possible project ideas or would you like experts to advise you on cost-effective solutions? With the help of the go-digital funding program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), you can have your project funded with up to 50 percent of the project costs. In this way, go-digital enables even less financially strong companies to actively promote digitization, reduce costs in the long term and, for example, increase the efficiency of workflows. Even if you do not yet have a concrete project idea, we will be happy to analyze your business processes in advance and without obligation and show you the best solution approaches that are eligible for funding.

Competent Consulting

by ACOPA, an authorized consulting firm for the go-digital funding program.


With our many years of expertise from industry-leading SMEs and industrial companies, we are happy to help you drive digitization forward in your company. As an authorized consulting firm in the go-digital funding program, we not only take care of the full consulting service and implementation, but also all bureaucratic hurdles. This allows you to focus fully on your core business for the duration of the project.

Digital Business Processes

What can be funded in the module “digitilized business processes”?


The aim of the funding module is to digitize workflows in the company as universally as possible. Depending on the initial situation, the module allows funding of projects that relate to overall or partial processes in the company. Processes relating to the handling between your company and your customers or business partners can also be funded. Selected examples include shipping and returns management, logistics, warehousing and electronic payment processes. However, many other business processes are also conceivable, such as patient processing in medical practices or the procurement or destruction of goods.

Present us your digitilization project!

If you have a digitization project, do not hesitate to contact us, because as an authorized consulting company in the funding program go-digital, we are happy to assist you!



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