System integration & harmonization

Customer Profile

Industry: chemical industry
Number of employees: approx. 100,000
Turnover: approx. 45 billion

The project

This project was a global “roll-in” system integration in which the company processes were harmonized and adapted to existing processes. The ACOPA employees were responsible for the system setup in the midterm horizon (SNP) as well as in the short-term horizon (PP/DS). The business requirements were implemented into the “new” system landscape to gain transparency for the complex global Supply-Chains

The customer
Our customer is a global company that is characterized by sustainability and innovative technologies. The complex supply chain network also creates new challenges for IT; new requirements must be met in detail and implemented into the system landscapes; therefore, it is important that we constantly deal with new technologies to satisfy customer needs.

Situation – starting point
At the beginning of the project there were two different companies which had to be harmonized and merged in one SAP system landscape on a global level. The challenge was to align the business processes of both companies and set them up in the IT Environment in a proper way.

Upcoming changes and adjustments always needed to be communicated and coordinated on a global level in consideration of the project plan and time frame. Therefore, a period of 2 years was considered to implement all the requirements and business needs.

The implementation into the new system landscape has been successful; our customer has now more transparency over the global supply chains and is able to plan and control his production more effectively.

Added value for the customer Better visibility and control over complex business processes and planning levels for different regions and countries all over the world.